Unusual Normalcy

In simpler words, to be with someone not only able to receive what I give, accepting it without reservation, but also giving in an equal measure everything of themselves – is very comfortable, and literally all I need.

Absolute Provider

What I in fact felt was indifference. Sufficiency. Actually it was less than a feeling: It was a constant. As if it’d always been like this before. And I must admit that that sufficiency has become one of the key components of my personality.

Going Ballistic

And given many things I know, it’s something I should have never done. It was very very wrong. And also, with not so much of a positive result – quite the opposite.


My closest confident will remain this blog still now. And that’s fine just the way it is. On the condition that I reconnect with the outside world.

No Time To Die

I will complete and improve that list in an individual post. And giving into details as to what I really intend to achieve in the course of my life.

Another word for Love

Something’s been dormant in me, awaken just recently. A current of passion, to which I decided to give a less abstract form. A different kind of love that’s been taking over. A drive to do what’s best with all the keys I hold. And giving life to a few projects I’d left aside.